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Light It Up With Triple A
104 Roosevelt Court, Annapolis, Maryland, 21403

 April 29, 2014

 On Saturday, April 26, 2014 Light It Up With Triple A had the opportunity to host our
 one year anniversary celebration of our business. I reached out to Chef Gregg Malsbary,
 the Catering Development Manager of B.E.S.T. Catering. It was my goal and plan to
 connect with businesses that make a positive difference and change lives, and what a
 difference B.E.S.T Catering made.

 Chef Gregg Malsbary is wonderful asset to your team. He immediately set up an
 appointment to meet with me. He took the time to listen to what my vision was for our
 anniversary celebration without trying to change it. He presented ideas based on our
 conversation. I left the shelter realizing our dream was becoming a reality. He established
 a menu and it was exactly what we wanted. When I thought it was as good as it gets I had
 the opportunity to connect with Mrs. Rhonda Whyte. Both Rhonda & Chef Gregg are
 phenomenal, professional, business oriented, meticulous to detail, customer service
 oriented, team players... and the list goes on. Then I met the staff. It is obvious that they
 graduated with honors from the B.E.S.T Culinary Program and were taught by the BEST!

 Out of 400 guests in attendance we did not have one complaint. The food was delicious.
 The entire staff worked well with our other vendors. This is the way it should be with
 everyone making a team effort. And the food was out of this world. People were so
 pleased with the presentation and taste. You all out-did yourself.

 Thank you B.E.S.T. for making our event “An Evening to Remember”


 Phyllis Tee Adams
 CEO and Owner of Light It Up with Triple A
 104 Roosevelt Ct. Annapolis, Md. 21403
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